Course Information

Born Ready is recommended for those 20 -36 weeks pregnant.

It is a short course, 4 hours long.

In our Sydney based courses this also included in the fee are two free one-on-one appointments with a women’s health physiotherapist. One appointment will be when you are around 32 weeks pregnant and the other will be after you have had your baby (more information below).

The course is split up into three sections as outlined below.

Before Birth: The aim of this section is to teach you how to look after your body in pregnancy – how to avoid pain, how to avoid abdominal separation and how to best prepare your pelvic floor for birth. You will also learn how to optimise your baby’s position in your belly for a smoother birth.

Birth: Learn how hormones create labour and birth and how assistance or intervention can change this process. We will practice ‘Birth Skills’ which can be very helpful in managing labour pain. You will learn how to spin your baby should your labour not progress. You will learn how to effectively ‘push’ at second stage and also what to do when you baby is crowning (stretching your pelvic floor).

Beyond Birth: This is often an area that women don’t know they need to know about until they get there. You will learn simple things that can be done to help your postnatal recovery. And you will learn one major thing that must be done in order to prevent problems in the future.

The one-on-one sessions – free for Sydney based courses only. 

These are 45 minutes long and are held at Bondi Junction or Cammeray clinic.

Pregnancy screening (around 32 weeks): We will assess abdominal separation and outline ways to help prevent it. Assess position of pelvis which can affect baby’s position and outline ways to optimise it. Internal assessment of pelvic floor – which may include pelvic floor release work if required (and agreed upon!).

6-week check: Can be done any time after birth. Debrief of birth story. Assessment of abdominal separation with real time ultrasound and outline ways to rehabilitate. Internal assessment of pelvic floor and pelvic organs and outline ways to rehabilitate.

Born Ready is recommended to be a part of your antenatal education.  It is not a stand alone course and we recommend attending at the very least your hospital based course as well.