Better Bodies. Better Births. Born Ready!

Birth is a highly emotional and controversial topic.

Born Ready has been designed for anyone giving birth. Whether it be a home birth or a hospital birth. A vaginal birth or a caesarean birth.

We believe that when it comes to birth you need to be informed so that you can be a part of the decision-making process.

We believe that every woman and couple will make different decisions and that these decisions will be right for them and them alone. This makes sense to us since no two women are the same.

We also believe that the more you know about your own body- especially your pelvic floor- the more confident you will be about the decisions you make.

Born Ready is a short course, 4 hours long.

It is recommended for those 20 -36 weeks pregnant – the earlier the better.

Born Ready was put together over the course of two years by some of the women’s health team at The Physiotherapy Clinic.